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Land Clearing Services

Land clearing is the removal of brush, trees and stumps. For residential land clearing you want to have open land to work with, but maintain a certain level of foliage, brush and trees intact. Residential clearing is customized for each customer’s desires.

With commercial land clearing very few trees are left, usually just along property lines. Trees are knocked over with the stumps in tact, the timber is merchandised, and the debris is raked and piled. After the debris is out of the way the property is bladed to a smooth surface.

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Lehigh Valley
Land Clearing

If you have recently purchased a Lehigh Valleyproperty, chances are it is full of trees and other plant life. Whether it is because you are looking to build your dream home, increase the value of your land, or simply clean up the area around your property, Harmony Tree Services has the necessary tools and expertise to provide you with professional land clearing services that will leave your property looking its very best. We offer comprehensive land clearing services for residential and commercial properties in the greater Lehigh Valley area. Our team specializes in the removal of trees, stumps, brush, boulders, and more.

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