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It doesn’t matter how much you love a tree on your property, when it dies, you need to hire a tree cutting service to remove it. This is truer if you have never removed a tree before.

Harmony Tree Services has been removing trees for many years. We always recommend you hire a professional tree cutting service to help you remove problem trees because we’ve seen homeowners make costly mistakes when they tried to do it themselves.

When it comes to finding the right tree cutting service, here are several questions you should ask.

1. Do they have insurance?

Insurance is a dirty word, but it quickly becomes an important one when accidents happen. You want to make sure that any tree cutting service you are considering has up to date insurance. You never know when a tree falls the wrong way and will cave in the roof on your house.

You’ll have a difficult time getting damaged fixed if you hire a random handyman to cut your tree. Protect yourself and only work with companies that are insured and standby their work.

2. Do they have references?

We promise we don’t want this to sound like a job interview. But the truth is, you want to make sure that a company provides quality work. Removing a tree may seem as simple as cutting it with a chainsaw, giving it a kick in the direction you want to go, and calling it a day, but it is so much more than that.

The best tree cutting services will be happy to provide you with references, especially if they have excellent service in the past. What do they have to lose in this scenario if they are as good as they say they are? The answer? Nothing.

3. Will they provide a detailed estimate?

You can always tell the quality of a company based on how they handle themselves during the estimate process. Experienced companies know exactly what to charge for a service and will confidently provide you with the price.

Less experienced companies tend to quote low and change their prices closer to the completion day. Be wary of this and do your best to get the quote locked in before any work starts.

4. How long will the project take?

This is another area that separates the good companies from the bad. Whenever a tree cutting service provides you with a deadline, hold them to it.

Don’t be lured in by companies that promise lightning fast work. In our experience, these types of companies rush their work and provide a low-quality service. Removing trees takes time and you want it to be done right.

5. Is the company professional?

One of the easiest ways to judge a company is by how they carry themselves. Look for things like:

  • Do they have multiple crews?
  • Is their equipment maintained?
  • Do they act professional?
  • Do they have a professional logo and website?

Small details like these will help you find professional companies that are serious about what they do. Any company that’s been in the business for a serious length of time will have an established reputation, a recognizable brand in your community, and a long list of testimonials.

6. What equipment will they use?

This is another important question to ask. Even if you don’t know what equipment is used by a tree cutting service, find out what they will use for your job. A quick Google search will tell you if they are using the right equipment for the job.

While a chainsaw will solve most problems, sometimes you need a more specialized tool for a specific job. Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions!

7. Will the crew wear protective equipment?

Don’t underestimate the importance of this questions. Serious companies will require their employees to wear protective equipment because they don’t want to risk potential injury and damaging their reputation.

It’s usually the smaller, less reputable companies that don’t care about this important step. You’d be surprised how many low-quality tree cutting services you can eliminate simply by asking this question.

Harmony Tree Services – the best tree cutting service

If you are looking for a tree cutting service that you can rely on, Harmony Tree Services is the right company for you. We’ve been helping residents and businesses throughout Allentown with landscaping and tree cutting services for many years.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today, we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.