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5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Tree Felling Service

There comes a time in every home owner’s life when they need to get rid of a problematic tree. It may seem easy just to grab your chainsaw and cut it down, but you shouldn’t do that. Tree felling is a difficult task that is best left to the professionals. While it may seem easy to do it yourself, a simple mistake can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Here are five reasons why you need to call a professional tree felling service to help you remove unwanted trees.

1. Property Damage

Chances are you don’t have proper insurance to cover any damage you cause should a tree fall onto your neighbor’s house or property. A professional tree felling service does.

But more importantly.

They have the necessary experience too. They understand how to cut a tree, how to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage, and the insurance to cover any accidents that do happen. It’s worth paying a little extra to protect yourself from potential headaches.

2. Your Safety Matters

Tree felling isn’t as simple as standing behind the tree and cutting. There is a distinct technique and approach that you need to follow to do it right. It’s no secret that trees are heavy. The smallest mistake can lead to severe injuries, and even death.

You don’t want to be responsible for injuring someone because you tried to cut your own tree down. Leave that task to the professionals who make a living out of tree felling.

3. Experience

Tree felling involves more than just cutting a tree. You need to go into it with a plan. There’s more to it than just cutting the tree at the base and letting it fall. Some larger trees may need to be cut down in segments. A professional tree felling service is experienced and knows how to handle these types of trees.

They will provide you with an accurate quote, explain the process, how they plan to remove and dispose of the tree, and they will even offer to remove the stump for you. Don’t underestimate how valuable experience is when it comes to removing unwanted trees.

4. They Remove Everything

There’s more to tree felling than just removing the tree itself. If you want the job to be done right, you need to grind and remove the stump. You likely don’t have the proper equipment to do this. A professional tree feller does. They have a specialized stump grinder that can remove the stump entirely, a wood chipper for grinding up the chopped segments of the tree, and a flatbed truck for disposal.

If you want to do the job right, it’s important that you remove the stump to enable grass to grow in the area where the tree was removed.

5. Package Deals

Do you need tree felling for more than one tree on your property? Professional tree cutters often offer discounts if you hire them to cut multiple trees at once.

Why is that?

The answer is simple. Whether a tree removal company is cutting one tree or many, they need to bring all of their equipment to the job. It’s in their interest to make that trip worthwhile. You will have to pay more to cut multiple trees, but you will likely get a better per tree price.

If you need to have multiple trees cut at once, make sure to let your tree cutting company know when you are asking for a quote.

Harmony Tree Services – Professional Tree Felling

Harmony Tree Services has been providing professional tree felling, landscaping, and related services to clients in Allentown, Emmaus, Bethlehem, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania for many years.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to cut your trees on your own. Give us a call at 610-966-4142 for a tree felling quote. We can easily remove your trees quickly and reliably.

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The Twisted Saga of Tree Root Damage to Your Yard: How To Protect Your Trees and Avoid Root Damage

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Roots are a critical part of a tree’s health and lifecycle. When neglected, unhealthy roots can lead to the need for complete tree removal. Too often roots are left ignored underground. Root health can have a significant impact on the overall health of a tree. While tree removal services are readily available, proper maintenance and care can extend the lives of trees everywhere when done properly.

Tree roots can extend two to three times further than the tree’s branches, creating a potential space issue for those planting and managing the trees. While most root systems are found anywhere from 18” to 24” underground, the size and length of tree roots can differ greatly from species to species. In some cases, the roots of trees can grow to an immense size at the surface level, creating a hazardous situation for both the tree itself and those around it.

From playing children to low-cutting lawn mowers, there are many different hazards that can have a damaging effect on the root system and overall health of any tree. The following are some of the most common hazards to consider when planting or protecting a tree:


All animals interact with trees in different ways. When it comes to root damage, dogs capable of digging can be the most dangerous. Be wary of dogs that like to dig, as underground roots can look easily look like a bunch of satisfying sticks to your four-legged friend. If your dog does find a way to dig up the roots of a tree, do your best to replant the root system. Cover it sufficiently with soil before adding a splash of water. In the case of an especially stubborn pet, consider covering the roots with mulch or another protective medium.

Soil Compaction

Whether from foot traffic or landscaping vehicles, soil compaction can have a negative impact on the roots of any tree or plant system. Irrigating soil surrounding the tree’s root system has the potential to improve the growth and health of the tree. You will have to be careful with the roots themselves. Most machine irrigators are far too aggressive to be used anywhere near a root system, and should be avoided wherever roots could be hidden. If soil compaction is an issue, consider using a manual irrigation tool to alleviate smaller soil compaction issues. Consider removing oil compacted soil and replacing it with fresh soil and fertilizer to stimulate healthy tree growth.

Landscaping Damage

Whether driving a lawnmower, operating a weed-whacker, or cutting a clean edge along a flower garden, there are several tools that have the potential to accidentally damage a tree’s root structure. While it’s important to be careful around any living thing, landscaping mistakes are bound to happen.

It’s important to plant mulch around the base of the tree’s root system to provide it with protection. Protective barriers may also be necessary for situations where the potential for damage is higher, especially high-traffic areas that require constant maintenance.

Trees with healthy and established root systems can live to stand decades, however a tree’s root system is only as strong as the ground it is secured to. Arborists must be careful to provide trees and their roots with the right environment to avoid a rushed call for tree removal services after a heavy storm. With a little care and preparation, you can help maintain the strength and health of your trees for years to come.

Looking for a Tree Removal Service? Call Harmony Tree Services Today

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to save a tree when nature has its way. If you are looking for a tree removal service, call Harmony Tree Service today. We specialize in tree removal, pruning, planting, and a wide range of landscaping services. We can help you remove a dead tree and plant a new one in its place.

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9 Tips That’ll Help Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

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Canadian winters can be harsh, especially on the trees and plants that provide shelter for the rest of mother nature. With the weather growing colder and the winds whipping higher, it’s the right time of year to consider some proactive measures to protect the trees on your property and avoid the need for tree removal services later in the season.

1. Practice Proper Pruning

Tree removal is a drastic measure. With a little prudent pruning, even amateur arborists can prevent significant damage and enable their trees to grow stronger and taller. Always keep an eye on your trees to ensure they are growing properly, taking the space you’ve provided for them. Ultimately trees will grow where you want them to, so be diligent with your pruning to ensure healthy growth.

2. Let Trees Adjust

Trees have evolved to adapt to their surroundings, but they need to be given the opportunity to do so. While it’s a good idea to stake new trees in the ground to promote proper growth, it’s also important to remove these supports in order allow the tree to develop its root system, a critical defense when battling back against strong winds.

3. Eliminate Codominant Branches

When pruning your tree, consider removing codominant stems that split from the same point. These v-shaped splits can cause weak points in the tree, and should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent significant damage during future storms. Codominant stems often develop included bark, which is bark pinched between two stems. This pinching can create a future fault point in the tree, and should be avoided at all costs.

4. Healthy Trees Need Water and Fertilizer

Like most plants, trees can greatly benefit from healthy doses of water and fertilizer. When planting new trees, consider talking with a local arborist to ensure you are providing your new trees with the optimal balance of water and nutrients to foster a strong and sturdy tree and root system.

5. Excess Is Bad for Trees Too

While nutrients can be great in moderation, trees can suffer if they are overwatered or over-fed fertilizer and additives. Always be careful with what you are adding to the soil of your trees. If fertilizing yourself, consider consulting with an arborist or outdoor specialist to ensure you are providing your trees with the right balance of inputs.

6. Keep Pests At Bay

Even the largest trees can be brought down by the smallest of pests. Avoid the need for tree removal by keeping a close eye on the barks and leaves of your trees. Cavities, hollow spots, and dead stems may be a sign of disease or decay.

Always consult a local arborist to ensure your tree is healthy and free of disease before the next big storm hits. Trees that have been overtaken by pests or disease can suffer considerable damage when put under the stress a storm can produce, resulting in the need for tree removal.

7. Maintain the Structural Integrity of Your Trees

The structural health of a tree can be just as important as the plant health of a tree. Consider hiring tree pruning services to maintain the structural integrity of your trees, allowing them to grow in a shape and structure that will promote resilience during storms and harsh weather.

8. Avoid Overcrowding

The structural integrity of a tree is only as good as its neighbor. Always consider how much space a tree may need in the worst case scenario when planting (or pruning) a property. Large unhealthy trees can be incredibly dangerous to those nearby, and should be removed if too close to others in the area.

Contact a local arborist if you are concerned about a tree on the property falling before it’s too late.

9. Consider Lightning Protection

Those who maintain or live near taller trees should consider lightning protection where applicable. Lightning protection involves inserting copper conductors into a ground rod to reduce tree damage by conducting the electrical energy of a potential lightning strike into the ground. This method has the potential to protect both the tree that was hit, and the surrounding trees (and homes). Always contact a local arborist or tree removal specialist if lightning strike has hit a tree on your property, or you require some kind of tree removal help.

Tree Removal Needed? – Trust Your Arborist

While a number of the measures above can be used to reduce the need for tree removal services, these are only preventative measures. Some storms are strong enough to create damage regardless of owner preparation. However, arborists are ultimately an essential service in preventing future damage.

Contact Harmony Tree Services today for any tree service you may need. We offer tree removal, pruning, planting, and more.

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9 Reasons Why Calling a Tree Stump Removal Company Is a Good Idea

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Your lawn is your pride and joy. It’s the first thing your neighbors and passers-by see when they visit your home. A beautiful front yard makes a strong first impression and makes you the envy of your neighborhood. It’s no wonder, then, that you put so much effort into landscaping.

One day, you decide to remove the tree in the center of the yard to let more sun reach the flowers and grass below. The tree removal service comes by and finishes the job. You proudly survey your lawn, satisfied with the work until you notice it. The stump. That big ugly piece of wood sticking out like a sore thumb in your otherwise luscious lawn.

This could easily be you.

If your lawn is has tree stumps that need to be removed, you should strongly consider removing that it. Here’s 9 reasons why you should contact a tree stump removal company to get rid of that annoying stump.

1.    Stumps Can Cause New Sprouts to Grow

If you wait too long to remove a stump, it can start sprouting. These types of sprouts are ugly and costly to remove. Plus, they steal nutrients from the surrounding plants. If you recently installed a nice flower bed, or other landscaping set pieces, protect that investment by getting your tree stumps removed.

2.    The Roots May Continue to Grow

While tree roots technically don’t grow after the tree has been cut down, the sprouts attached to the roots certainly can. And such root growth can make its way under your driveway and into your underground pipes. The latter issue can cost hundreds of dollars in drainage repairs.

3.    Decaying Stumps Attract Insects

Termites, ants, and various other insects love living in decaying wood. You certainly don’t want those little critters spreading to your house.

4.    … And Disease

Even worse, stumps can harbor plant diseases that could spread to other parts of your lawn. Do your other trees a favor by removing the stump before it does any damage. Speaking of which…

5.    Stumps Are Dangerous

If you have kids with friends over, you don’t want anyone tripping over that stump. Avoid potential injuries and liability by taking out the hazard.

6.    Stumps Make Mowing the Lawn Much More Difficult

Not only is working your way around the stump exhausting, but an accidental crash can also damage your mower.

7.    You Lose Space

With a big stump in the way, you have far less room for better-looking features in your lawn, like a picnic table, pool, or a simple flower bed.

8.    It’s Downright Ugly

It doesn’t take an expert to see why stumps aren’t welcome on a beautiful lawn. Proper stump removal can even increase the value of your house in case you wish to sell it.

9.    Mo st Tree Felling Services Already Offer Stump Removal

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Since most tree cutting services also offer stump removal, get the work done in one go to save on money and time.

Convinced? Get In Touch With a Tree Stump Removal Company

On top of improving the aesthetics of your lawn, removing that pesky tree stump can save you tons of costs down the road. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone. Call a tree stump removal company as soon as you can.

If you’re interested in getting your lawn work done right, contact Harmony Tree Services. For decades, we’ve been offering landscaping services like tree stump removal, pruning, stump grinding, and snow removal to the Lehigh Valley area. Contact us today at 610-966-4142 for a free estimate.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Cutting Service

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It doesn’t matter how much you love a tree on your property, when it dies, you need to hire a tree cutting service to remove it. This is truer if you have never removed a tree before.

Harmony Tree Services has been removing trees for many years. We always recommend you hire a professional tree cutting service to help you remove problem trees because we’ve seen homeowners make costly mistakes when they tried to do it themselves.

When it comes to finding the right tree cutting service, here are several questions you should ask.

1. Do they have insurance?

Insurance is a dirty word, but it quickly becomes an important one when accidents happen. You want to make sure that any tree cutting service you are considering has up to date insurance. You never know when a tree falls the wrong way and will cave in the roof on your house.

You’ll have a difficult time getting damaged fixed if you hire a random handyman to cut your tree. Protect yourself and only work with companies that are insured and standby their work.

2. Do they have references?

We promise we don’t want this to sound like a job interview. But the truth is, you want to make sure that a company provides quality work. Removing a tree may seem as simple as cutting it with a chainsaw, giving it a kick in the direction you want to go, and calling it a day, but it is so much more than that.

The best tree cutting services will be happy to provide you with references, especially if they have excellent service in the past. What do they have to lose in this scenario if they are as good as they say they are? The answer? Nothing.

3. Will they provide a detailed estimate?

You can always tell the quality of a company based on how they handle themselves during the estimate process. Experienced companies know exactly what to charge for a service and will confidently provide you with the price.

Less experienced companies tend to quote low and change their prices closer to the completion day. Be wary of this and do your best to get the quote locked in before any work starts.

4. How long will the project take?

This is another area that separates the good companies from the bad. Whenever a tree cutting service provides you with a deadline, hold them to it.

Don’t be lured in by companies that promise lightning fast work. In our experience, these types of companies rush their work and provide a low-quality service. Removing trees takes time and you want it to be done right.

5. Is the company professional?

One of the easiest ways to judge a company is by how they carry themselves. Look for things like:

  • Do they have multiple crews?
  • Is their equipment maintained?
  • Do they act professional?
  • Do they have a professional logo and website?

Small details like these will help you find professional companies that are serious about what they do. Any company that’s been in the business for a serious length of time will have an established reputation, a recognizable brand in your community, and a long list of testimonials.

6. What equipment will they use?

This is another important question to ask. Even if you don’t know what equipment is used by a tree cutting service, find out what they will use for your job. A quick Google search will tell you if they are using the right equipment for the job.

While a chainsaw will solve most problems, sometimes you need a more specialized tool for a specific job. Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions!

7. Will the crew wear protective equipment?

Don’t underestimate the importance of this questions. Serious companies will require their employees to wear protective equipment because they don’t want to risk potential injury and damaging their reputation.

It’s usually the smaller, less reputable companies that don’t care about this important step. You’d be surprised how many low-quality tree cutting services you can eliminate simply by asking this question.

Harmony Tree Services – the best tree cutting service

If you are looking for a tree cutting service that you can rely on, Harmony Tree Services is the right company for you. We’ve been helping residents and businesses throughout Allentown with landscaping and tree cutting services for many years.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today, we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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5 Things Your Local Tree Removal Service Wants You to Know

Nothing makes your property look more beautiful than a mature tree. Unless of course that tree is badly damaged in a storm, falls over, or threatens the safety of your house.

When you’ve had enough with a tree, it’s time to call a tree removal service.

We prepared this list in order to help you better understand the tree removal process. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, read on.

1. Check for Underground Hazards

One of the most popular services people request from us is tree stump removal. You won’t believe how many people try to remove a stump on their own. Never do this on your own unless you know what you are doing. Often times there are dangerous cables and pipes located below a tree that could hurt you or become damaged if you strike them with a shovel or other heavy equipment that you aren’t familiar with.

2. Tree Bylaws Are Tricky

Every city is different in the way they govern trees with their bylaws. If you require a tree removal service for a tree that overhangs on your neighbor’s property, check your local bylaws to make sure that you have the authority to remove the tree in the first place.

In most cases, a simple conversation with your neighbor can resolve most problems. If you want to remove a tree and your neighbor refuses, there is little you can do unless the bylaws are in your favor.

3. Do Not Do It Yourself

It may seem easy to rent a chainsaw and start cutting a tree down, but it isn’t. Unless you are experienced with tree removal, we highly recommend that you hire a tree removal service to help you do the job.

A simple mistake can lead to a lot of costly headaches. You more than likely do not have the proper insurance to cover any damage you may cause to you or your neighbor’s home. When you hire a tree cutting service, their insurance will cover any accidents, saving you from being liable for anything should it happen.

4. Tree Disposal Isn’t Easy

Large trees are not easy to dispose of. Some homeowners believe that they can cut a tree and leave it for the garbage crews to pick up. It simply doesn’t work like this.

One of the many perks of hiring a tree cutting service is that they fully dispose of any trees that you pay them to cut down. You never have to worry about discarding several cords of wood, branches, and other debris.

5. Experience Is Key

Reliable tree removal services are worth every penny you spend on them. You never have to worry about accidents when you work with a company that has decades of experience in the tree removal and landscaping industries.
A reputable tree cutting service will assess, cut, and dispose of the tree for you, making the entire process as painless as possible.

Need To Remove a Tree?

If you are looking to remove a tree on your property, call Harmony Tree Services today. We have been providing landscaping and tree services to clients in and around Allentown for many years. Whether you need to cut a dying tree, or prune a healthy one, we are ready to help.

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