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5 Things Your Local Tree Removal Service Wants You to Know

Nothing makes your property look more beautiful than a mature tree. Unless of course that tree is badly damaged in a storm, falls over, or threatens the safety of your house.

When you’ve had enough with a tree, it’s time to call a tree removal service.

We prepared this list in order to help you better understand the tree removal process. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, read on.

1. Check for Underground Hazards

One of the most popular services people request from us is tree stump removal. You won’t believe how many people try to remove a stump on their own. Never do this on your own unless you know what you are doing. Often times there are dangerous cables and pipes located below a tree that could hurt you or become damaged if you strike them with a shovel or other heavy equipment that you aren’t familiar with.

2. Tree Bylaws Are Tricky

Every city is different in the way they govern trees with their bylaws. If you require a tree removal service for a tree that overhangs on your neighbor’s property, check your local bylaws to make sure that you have the authority to remove the tree in the first place.

In most cases, a simple conversation with your neighbor can resolve most problems. If you want to remove a tree and your neighbor refuses, there is little you can do unless the bylaws are in your favor.

3. Do Not Do It Yourself

It may seem easy to rent a chainsaw and start cutting a tree down, but it isn’t. Unless you are experienced with tree removal, we highly recommend that you hire a tree removal service to help you do the job.

A simple mistake can lead to a lot of costly headaches. You more than likely do not have the proper insurance to cover any damage you may cause to you or your neighbor’s home. When you hire a tree cutting service, their insurance will cover any accidents, saving you from being liable for anything should it happen.

4. Tree Disposal Isn’t Easy

Large trees are not easy to dispose of. Some homeowners believe that they can cut a tree and leave it for the garbage crews to pick up. It simply doesn’t work like this.

One of the many perks of hiring a tree cutting service is that they fully dispose of any trees that you pay them to cut down. You never have to worry about discarding several cords of wood, branches, and other debris.

5. Experience Is Key

Reliable tree removal services are worth every penny you spend on them. You never have to worry about accidents when you work with a company that has decades of experience in the tree removal and landscaping industries.
A reputable tree cutting service will assess, cut, and dispose of the tree for you, making the entire process as painless as possible.

Need To Remove a Tree?

If you are looking to remove a tree on your property, call Harmony Tree Services today. We have been providing landscaping and tree services to clients in and around Allentown for many years. Whether you need to cut a dying tree, or prune a healthy one, we are ready to help.

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